Welcome Back Western Students!

Our staff is looking forward to taking care of all your dental needs while you are here at Western!

We ask for your COVID COMPLIANCE!

  1. PLEASE CALL 519-850-2455 to make your dental appointment or ask any questions you may have as we are restricting the amount of people in our waiting room.
  2. PLEASE arrive alone 15 min before your scheduled appointment time
  3. PLEASE wear a mask while inside our office whenever you are not receiving care.

For fourteen days prior to your appointment have you:

  1. Experienced ANY signs of illness (fever, sore throat, cough even GI symptoms or pink eye)?
  2. Been around anyone who is ill?
  3. Tested positive for COVID-19 or have been around someone who has?
  4. If you ave traveled outside of Canada?

If you have answered yes to anyone of the above questions please do not enter our office.

Benefit Questions?

We are happy to do all the paper work for you and submit your dental claims online. Western dental benefits run Sept 1- Aug 31 

PLEASE be sure to confirm that you HAVE the student insurance before making an appointment or you will be required to pay the entire cost of your dental appointment.

Undergrads can check with Student Benefits Ext #89259 

$750. 00 of benefits per year most procedures covered @80% (Canada Life)

Let us know f you have dual insurance ( under your parents) and we can submit the 20% co payment to their plan!

Grads Sogs Ext  #83394

$500.00 of benefits per year ( Desjardins)

You may not have coverage if you are part time, opted out, are an IVEY Student or under some international student plans. Avoid surprises check with your benefits office first!!

Stay Healthy

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

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