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Why does oral health matter?

Regular Check-ups are Crucial

Regular dental visits are essential for preventive care and early detection of potential issues. These check-ups help maintain oral health and prevent more significant problems from developing.

Oral Health Affects Overall Health

The health of your mouth is interconnected with your overall well-being. Issues like gum disease can have systemic effects, emphasizing the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene for a healthier body.

Timely Treatment Saves Money and Pain

Addressing dental issues promptly not only prevents unnecessary pain and discomfort but also saves on potential future dental costs. Early intervention can often mitigate the need for more extensive and costly treatments.

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Welcome to UCC Dental, where smiles find expert care and genuine warmth. Our dedicated team blends advanced dentistry with a personal touch, ensuring optimal oral health and beautiful smiles. Discover a comfortable environment where passion meets professionalism, making every visit a positive experience for you and your family.

Our mission is to craft healthy, confident smiles. With a commitment to excellence, our experienced team provides personalized care, utilizing cutting-edge technology. We prioritize patient comfort and education, fostering lasting relationships. Trust us for comprehensive dental solutions in a welcoming atmosphere, where your smile is our priority.

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xiyue cao
xiyue cao
I made an appointment with Dr. Zhao to have my wisdom tooth extracted last Thursday, and I really liked her. Throughout the entire procedure, she was incredibly gentle, providing encouraging words and informing me about which part of the process might cause discomfort, even specifying the level of pain. This allowed me to mentally prepare for any sensations. The entire treatment process was very professional, and she continuously praised my cooperation, making me feel confident. I could feel her passion for her profession, and during the recovery period, she consistently followed up to check if everything was comfortable and encouraged me to reach out for any concerns. She was prompt in responding to my inquiries, and thanks to Dr. Zhao's expertise and guidance on postoperative care, I didn't experience dry socket. I trust Dr. Zhao with all my future treatments!
Michelle Lin
Michelle Lin
Dr. Zhao is really considerate and one of the nurses is also very friendly. I didn’t feel any discomfort during the whole process of wisdom tooth extraction, including after it was over. I followed the precautions and everything was fine!
Yifeng Wang
Yifeng Wang
I decided to get my wisdom teeth extracted because the toothache had been tormenting me for a long time. Luckily I found ucc dental, I was worried about my language problem, but here the doctor will communicate with me very carefully, so I don't have to worry too much. I was lucky enough to meet a Chinese dentist, Dr. Victoria Zhao. The first meeting with Dr. Zhao was really easy because she is really kind! I was really worried at first because it was my first time to have a tooth extracted and I was scared of the unknown. But she came up to me in a very humorous way and made me relax and let go of my guard. Afterwards, Dr. Zhao explained the extraction process to me in great detail, which put me at ease. She was very careful in observing my condition during the extraction process, and even though there was a slight pain when she administered the anesthetic, she was very skillful and gentle so that my pain was very short. After the anesthesia kicked in, the extraction didn't hurt at all! Dr. Zhao extracted my tooth very easily and quickly. I can tell she has a lot of experience! I would also like to commend the assistant who worked very hard with the doctor to help me suck the saliva out of my mouth. The whole process was very comfortable. Lastly, I would like to say that coming here for an extraction experience really went wrong! You can tell that ucc dental has a great environment overall as well, and the recovery has been great so far! Once again, I recommend Dr. Zhao to everyone! If you have any dental problems, you should definitely come to see her for treatment, it will really make you have a good experience!
Rachelle M
Rachelle M
It was great
Xinyi Li
Xinyi Li
Doctor Zhao provided excellent service and very useful advice for my teeth health after checkup. Highly recommended this clinic due to good service and excellent care standards.
Scott Roffey
Scott Roffey
I’ve been going to UCC dental for 9 years, first as an undergrad and now a grad student, and I’ve never had a dentist like Dr. Ahmad. She is not only a great dentist, but also a kind and thoughtful person who genuinely cares about her patients. The clinic staff are also wonderful and always make you feel welcome!
Kate Sarrami
Kate Sarrami
I strongly recommend visiting UCC Dental. My dental hygienist, Tuyen, was so kind and friendly!! She’s honestly amazing!
Dr. Ahmed, Laura, Tatum, and Mercedes have been a treasure, and impressed me with their kindness and expertise. Must visit. You won’t regret it.




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