As your trusted dental care provider in London, we understand that experiencing dental pain or discomfort can be concerning. One potential solution for addressing certain types of dental pain is a root canal treatment. In this blog post, we’ll explore some common signs that may indicate you need a root canal and how our London dentist can help.

  1. Persistent Tooth Pain: One of the most common signs that you may need a root canal is persistent tooth pain, especially when biting down or applying pressure to the affected tooth. This pain may be dull, throbbing, or sharp and can indicate that the nerve tissue inside the tooth is damaged or infected.
  2. Sensitivity to Hot or Cold: If you experience sudden sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures that lingers even after the temperature stimulus is removed, it could be a sign of nerve damage or infection within the tooth. This sensitivity may indicate the need for a root canal to remove the damaged tissue and alleviate the discomfort.
  3. Swollen Gums: Swelling or tenderness in the gums surrounding a specific tooth can be a sign of infection or inflammation caused by an underlying dental issue, such as an infected tooth root. If you notice swelling or redness in the gums near a tooth, it’s essential to schedule an appointment with our London dentist for evaluation.
  4. Discoloration of the Tooth: A tooth that has become discolored or darkened in comparison to the surrounding teeth may indicate that the nerve tissue inside the tooth has died or become infected. In some cases, this discoloration may be accompanied by other symptoms such as pain or sensitivity.
  5. Prolonged Tooth Sensitivity: While mild tooth sensitivity is common and typically resolves on its own, prolonged or persistent sensitivity that does not improve with over-the-counter remedies may indicate a more significant underlying issue, such as nerve damage or infection. If you experience ongoing tooth sensitivity, it’s essential to consult with our London dentist for an evaluation.

If you experience any of these signs or symptoms, it’s crucial to schedule an appointment with our London dentist for a comprehensive evaluation. Our team can assess your dental health, determine the underlying cause of your symptoms, and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan, which may include root canal therapy.

At our dental office in London, we’re committed to providing personalized, compassionate care to help our patients achieve optimal oral health and wellness. If you’re experiencing dental pain or discomfort, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment. We’re here to help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come.




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